Safe Harbor Animal Rescue

Monetary Donations​​​

The rescue groups choose dogs that have a good temperament and are to be euthanized.

I pick up the dog(s) from the local Animal Control and take them to the vet before boarding them in the kennel.

  • $10.00 will house one dog for one day
  • $15.00 will vaccinate one dog
  • $25.00 will vaccinate one dog including Rabies
  • $35.00 will vaccinate one dog, including Rabies and a heart worm check
  • $100.00 will spay or neuter one dog

A rescued dog usually stays with us a minimum of 10 days before being transported to the rescue group where they find their forever homes.

Anything that you can donate will help, these dogs that have been abandoned by their owners.

Thank you for donating to the rescue of Georgia Dogs!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. 
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